Everybody had a jolly good time!

Hi there,

Just a few words to update you about the Winter Warmer event held here last Friday.  Many interested people attended and there was a rush into the main hall when we had finished setting up the tables and the equipment! We had a good turnout and people kept dropping in almost until the end. There were nicely laid tables with plenty of delicious snacks, treats and drinks served by Joanna, Paul and our wonderful team of volunteers. The smell of mulled wine wafted through the kitchen into the hall and the newly introduced spiced apple punch was in demand as well. When things had calmed down a little bit after the the drinks were served, we gave a presentation of the new CTC project

After the presentation, we went around the tables to talk to people and they were very interested in the new project.  Some visitors filled in the Indication of Interest forms and two were eager to join the Steering Group, which will meet on the 5 December for the first time. Then two lovely ladies went around to sell the raffle tickets:

The lucky winners were happily displaying their prizes:


The stollen and the German Lebkuchen (Gingerbread) were very popular and we all had a jolly good time together this afternoon!

We had two visitors, Sara and Hugh from the London Big Lottery team, (who are funding our project through SilverDreams fund), they enjoyed chatting to project participants, generally being helpful and sampling some food and drinks!

Well done Joanna and Paul for organising and actively running this popular event! It was a great opportunity to raise the profile of Community TIME Camden and give people the chance to sign up.  Last but not least, I want to thank our volunteers (Jean, Annie, Frieda, ..), who helped to make this event such a success.  Thanks also to May for the great photos you took!

That’s it for now folks! You will hear from us soon as we are busy organising the steering group meeting on the 5 December at 11 am here at the Abbey!

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