Food glorious food!

We have had some delicious world food being made and consumed at CTC this week!  One of our lovely participants Houria, ran a couscous cookery workshop and here are some pictures of the results.  Everyone had a lovely time cooking the food, eating it and most importantly making new friends and socialising.  The group stayed at the centre well into the afternoon and finished off their lunch with homemade cake and scones!  We are planning on having an Indian and Nigerian cookery class similar to this one soon and welcome any other suggestions!

Other exchanges have also been taking place – crochet, crafts, ESOL, IT, smartphones, art and many many others.  New participants all comment on the warm welcome and friendly atmosphere at CTC.  Here is a quote from a new member, a local business woman who recently received some marketing advice from other participants:

“I today met with Adrian and Carol at the Abbey Community centre through Maria the organiser.  Thank you very much for the contact.  They were both sensitive and constructive and will be coming to visit soon to get a better picture.  I got the feeling that they would enjoy the challenge and as things are very quiet at the moment I need a bit of help.  Adrian suggested that I might give a talk in return.  So far so good.  See you soon”.

CTC ladies making and eating couscous!

Houria and other CTC ladies making and eating couscous!

Delicious CTC produce.....

Delicious CTC produce…..

Clean plates all round....

Clean plates all round….

Crochet club in action.

Crochet club in action.

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