Sunny Brighton

Sun, sea and pebbles...

Sun, sea and pebbles…

CTC and Kilburn Good Neighbours participants enjoyed a beautiful sunny day in Brighton last week.  People enjoyed sunbathing on the beach, paddling in the sea, eating fish and chips and generally having a sociable time.  Maria is planning another trip in September so keep your eyes peeled…

Friends in the sun!

Friends in the sun!

One thought on “Sunny Brighton

  1. Fab pics! What a fun day trip to Brighton. The weather was great and sunny.Lots of pals new and old enjoyed themselves immensely. What more could you ask from a Community centre. We were picked up and sped off to be deposited but a few yards from the Seafront. With more than enough time to amble round,soak up the sun and the sea and some of us enjoyed Fish and Chips on the pier. Later on at the appointed time,we were safely shepherded back onto the coach with nothing to bother us other than to watch the view and chat lazily until we were safely delivered back home. What a nice community!

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