Men’s Christmas Lunch Fun

Our men’s group CHAPS had their Christmas lunch last Friday.  Juliet the community centre’s intern accompanied them, took the photos and wrote the following blog entry:

For the CHAPS Christmas lunch, we met at the Abbey then travelled together to the Beaton Docket in Cricklewood – in total there were about 17 men, Laurie from Age UK Camden and me. The meal included a hearty main of either a roast turkey, or vegetable roast dinner, and a choice of either Christmas pudding or cheesecake. The afternoon was a lovely occasion for men to meet others living locally, and have a informal Christmas meal in good company. Feedback from those who came was very positive from both ends of the table, and the raffle was won by no other than our very own John Giltrap – well done John!

A big thank you goes out to Laurie from Age UK Camden for organising the event and providing funding for the meal and the raffle.






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