CTC in 2014

PenguinsWith our best wishes to all CTC participants for 2014.  We know the year will be a busy one for CTC as we continue with our many groups, classes and exchanges and build on our one-to-one exchanges in people’s homes as well.

Classes and groups are back to normal and we have a new worker in place who will be the friendly face of the centre for over 50s!  Laura is the new ‘Over 50s Project Assistant’ and she will be taking over some of Maria’s work now that Maria is only working one day per week.  Laura will also be helping Paul and Joanna on all the Abbey’s other projects for over 50s including Kilburn Good Neighbours, Primrose Hill Good Neighbour Scheme, CHAPS project, a new volunteer/employment skills project and a gardening project!

Saturday Club is on 1st February (Moroccan theme lunch!) and our new rule for 2014 is that Saturday Club costs 2 time credits so anyone who has contributed to CTC in any way should be able to attend!  If you are unsure about how to obtain time credits or you don’t have any yet but would like to come to Saturday Club, you can ring Maria and she’ll tell you all the different ways you can earn time credits (believe us there are many, many ways…..).

For those community – minded folks amongst you, please take a moment to look at this description of a new volunteer role which has come up in our community.  They are looking for Bid Ambassadors to get the views and opinions of as many older and isolated people as they can so this role is particularly good for people who enjoy chatting to friends and neighbours and feel they know a bit about some of the issues affecting older people.  Of course Maria will credit anyone who is involved in this with some lovely CTC time credits so take a look…..

Role description Bid Ambassadors

Photos to follow shortly……

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