Latest Saturday Club….


Kanchun and Laura

Kanchun and Laura

Here are some pictures from our latest and (as usual) very successful Saturday Club.  Cooking was led by Tissy who doubles up as a childcare worker at the Abbey (a woman of many talents..) who put together a delicious and very low cost Moroccan lunch.  Tissy started with hummus, olives and bread, followed by beans and spinach with rice, fresh oranges and cinnamon for dessert and fresh mint tea to finish off.  A team of helpers (including younger members of the community!) helped with the cooking and everyone thought the outcome was delicious!

CTC's youngest members...

CTC’s youngest members…

With many thanks to Tissy and to all the other wonderful CTC volunteers who help us every Saturday Club (Kanchun, Karin, Dave, Tanya, Ben and many, many more).  North London Cares were also wonderful partners in Saturday Club as ever, arranging a screening of Casablanca and helping in all sorts of ways.  Keep your eyes peeled for details of the next Saturday Club to be held in March…

sat club 7

Some of our loyal volunteers!

Chefs at work

Chefs at work

lunch is served

lunch is served

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