CHAPS activities

Museum of London Trip – Thursday April 24th

By Peter, Abbey Community Centre Community and Activities Volunteer

On Thursday 24th April, the CHAPS group took a Freedom Pass trip down to the Museum of London near the Barbican. The journey took us across the city of London and everyone chatted about the sights from the bus including St Paul’s Cathedral and numerous plaques on houses depicting writers and artists that had lived there.  Many of the group were regulars at other activities at the Abbey Community Centre – from cooking and fitness to IT – but for many it was the first time they had met each other.

For most of the group including myself it was our first ever visit to the Museum, and there was a lot to see. There were exhibits covering everything about London from the Stone Age to the present day. Some men looked around on their own, while a group of us joined a guided tour about key objects from Britain during the 50s/60s before having lunch together.

Some of our favourite bits were:

  • The Mods and Rockers display, an original Vespa, Beatles memorabilia and Mary Quant clothes from Carnaby Street.
  • The Roman Wall and a fantastic Roman London display showing how advanced they were with bronze and iron metals.
  • A display on 19th century London showing the impoverished conditions of how people lived, and the appalling diets and hygiene people had. For example, there was a cat man who would wheel around his barrow with cat meat for sale!
  • The pleasure garden walk where you could see how gentry and poor people mingled on the same paths.
  • But the high point of the visit I feel was to view the great 250 years old gold coach, which is still used for the Lord Mayors Parade every year and which the queen travelled in for her Jubilee year. We played a quiz looking for all the different animals carved on it from sheep to lions!All the men who came along had an enjoyable time. So if you’re a Londoner and want to know more about your city, get down to the Museum of London – it’s FREE! And watch this space as the Abbey Community Centre hopes to organise more Freedom Pass trips out in the future.



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