A new class at the centre

Have a look at some pictures of a new workshop held at the centre recently and read the write up from Peter, one of the participants:

Arduino pic 1Arduino pic 2

Arduino Electronics Workshop
Held On June 24th 2014
Tutor Mark Stroup

This introductory workshop introduced ARDUINO, an open source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible easy to use hardware and software.
The Arduino platform is for artists, designers hobbyists, and anyone interested in interactive objects or environments. People can programme robot motor controllers, pulse rate monitors, or whatever programmable software you choose to operate.
The idea behind this is one no longer has to introduce new components, or erect new circuit boards to achieve the outcome. In other words electronics construction in many products can be programmed to operate, using Arduino rather than using components.
The class was very informative easy to understand as explained by the tutor as it is interactive and one only needs a very basic understanding of electronics. Each student had an arduino piece of software to experiment on switching on and off LED lights etc. So for example you can use arduino to turn off and on a bedside table lamp. It is hoped that another class will take place again at some point in the future, so watch this space.!!

Website: www. Arduino.cc
© Peter C Joseph

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