Blooming marvellous upcycling in the garden!

Last Friday, the fantastic Trevor from Pannells Landscapes (@TrevorDiggers and @PannellsLand) came down to the Abbey Community Centre to show our CHAPS how to build planters for the garden using scrap pallets. It was a great demonstration and our CHAPS really enjoyed getting stuck in and learning new upcycling and woodworking skills. Everyone at our coffee morning also enjoyed watching the planters take shape from the Garden Room.


in action

The pallets were generously donated by a great project down in Brixton called the Remakery (@remakery)- a community workshop for making, mending, learning and inventing using waste as the raw materials. Thank you!

Local man with a van, Maurice, is also very kindly going to help us pick up soil from the EcoPark Compost Hub at Alara Wholefoods on Camley Street to fill the new planters this week so we can get planting.  This is a place from which Camden residents and organisations can collect their own free compost during daylight hours and which is made from your very own food and garden waste! Check out the compost cam to take a look!

Our thanks also to our gardening group, supported by volunteer North London Master Gardeners (@NorthLondonMGs, @gardenorganicuk), who will be using their green fingers over the coming weeks to fill the new palette planters with a mixture of beautiful flowers and edibles and brighten up our garden for the good of everyone at the centre.

Why not join us at our coffee morning this week 10.30am-12noon to watch the second stage of the building with Trevor, or help in the garden or just enjoy our veranda with a cup of tea and a biscuit!


Thanks to everyone involved. A truly brilliant community effort and example of how you can make something blooming marvellous happen when people share their time and skills (and old pallets!).

One thought on “Blooming marvellous upcycling in the garden!

  1. Hi all I have really enjoyed your site, until recently I had been a volunteer in the community for over 20yrs as well as working, I was lucky to secure a part time job doing what I love in the same community, working from Hayfield Community Centre in fife Scotland, and I am looking for ideas to make a boat shape planter from old pallets, so when I googled that I came upon your site, and it was so refreshing, with help from the great photos, I pictured a trip down the canal, out for lunch (great fish n chips), and a fantastic time making garden planters. I have 2 adult sons living on other sides of London, and I can see why they love it and the people, well done all of you for getting together and staying together, we already do some of the stuff you do but I am hoping to implement some of your ideas 🙂

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