CHAPS on tour!

Last week several members of CHAPS made the most of their Freedom Passes and took a trip to Hampton Court Palace for the day. A big thank you to CHAPS, Peter W and Peter J, who organised and led the trip from start to finish. A great day was had by all and the sun even shone (before the very rainy Bank Holiday weekend!). Below, Peter J, tells us more about the day…

“The group met at West Hampstead over ground station, we then took the train to Richmond Station the journey there was quite pleasant and the sun was breaking through the clouds and it looked as though it was going to be a nice day. Once we got to Richmond the group walked down to the River Thames where we all boarded a boat that would take us to Hampton Court Palace. The journey took about an hour or so, and everybody commented on the lovely houseboats that were moored, the really nice houses that boarded the river lots of swans and ducks were on the river. If you needed to get away from the city this was the trip to take It was pleasantly slow and the people on the boat were very friendly”.

“We went through Teddington Lock and then changed boats at Kingston, and went on to Hampton Court.  The gardens were really attractive and grounds, you can clearly see the 500 year old chimney stacks that looked really medieval and old. The group decided to go for a coffee and some lunch, prices were fairly reasonable”.

“On the way home some of the group decided to go through Kingston which was quite nice  and then home. Some suggestions were made for future outings, such as the House of Commons, Tower of London, East London Boat Trips, etc. Watch this space!”


The boat from Richmond to the Palace


Hampton Court in all its glory


Some of the CHAPS by the marble gates to the grounds


Going through Teddington Lock


The view from the boat

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