Spotlight on our CHAPS

This month we are shining a spotlight on some of our CHAPS and how they share their time, skills, interests and wisdom with others at the Abbey Community Centre. Here are two stories – one from our men’s cookery group and the other from men’s IT. Interviews are by our brilliant volunteer, Peter, who has been helping out at the Abbey Community Centre for the past few months on lots of CHAPS activities and trips:

Chris has been a member of the CHAPS cooking group for some time, and he continues to come to the class because he likes the company of the other members and meeting new people. He enjoys learning to cook, as he can try these recipes at home. He likes team working with the other members as it gets him out of the house and he also enjoys working with the tutor, who is very helpful. CHAPS also enables him to catch up on discussions with staff and volunteers when organising trips from the centre.

Policarp has been coming to the chaps IT drop in for about two months, he is interested in learning about computers and he brings in his own laptop so he can practice whatever he learns at the class. He has so far learned to surf the internet, do some word processing, how to send and receive e-mails and use Skype. He is disabled and uses a motorised vehicle to get around and is glad that he can come to the Abbey Community Centre because of its ease of access. He likes the time of the class for the morning session, before he used to stay at home and not socialise at all.

If you are a man over 50 in the Kilburn area and would like to get involved with CHAPS then give us a call on 07447 932 564. It’s a dip-in-dip-out way of getting involved in local activities, learning new skills and sharing interests. It’s led by men over 50 for men over 50 so if you have an idea of something you would like to do, just let us know and we’ll try to help you organise it.


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