Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to all CTC members and friends! Susy, our CTC volunteer was watching our team of pumpkin carvers and wrote the following report…!

To mark the pagan festival of Halloween, community centre members each claimed their own pumpkin from an ample supply brought in by the centre and got their hands (and the table!) covered in pumpkin flesh as they made their own Halloween pumpkins.. Determinedly, they set about the tough task of carving out the scary gaping faces that would see off any lingering spooks. Volunteer, Juliet, led the group in their careful dissections, instructing them in how to lop off the top of the pumpkin first, in a rough circular shape, to leave an opening for a candle, and then to scoop out all its insides so all the flesh was removed. Nothing was wasted. The flesh was separated from the countless numbers of seeds, and pumpkin soup and roasted seed snacks were promised for next day’s Saturday Club.  Our Halloween carvers were not phased by the difficulty of carving out the more intricate work of the face: the gothic looking smile, eyes and nose were drawn on in outline and then vigorously sawed out and the cut-out shapes discarded. With peals of laughter and satisfaction the group admired each others work and photos were taken as a memorabilia to the fantastic morning’s creative Halloween activity.


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