Will-oh so beautiful!

Today the fabulous Joe from the Wild About the Heath project on Hampstead Heath came down to the Abbey Community Centre to get us inspired by the abundant nature on our doorstep. Wild About the Heath is a fabulous community project supporting local people to explore the amazing wildlife on Hampstead Heath. The Heath is in the heart of our city within easy reach of millions of people.  But lots of local people, particularly from the communities at the South of the Heath, like us in Kilburn, don’t always see it as their back garden – Joe and co are passionate about encouraging us to change this!

So using willow as a base and adding holly, ivy and other greenery gathered from the Heath Joe showed us how to make festive winter wreaths. He also talked to us about all the other uses for willow in our community garden from fencing, to plant trainers, to insect hotels! Lots of fun was had by all trying to bend and decorate the willow and within an hour we had lots of beautiful festive wreaths adorning our Garden Room terrace. Some people took their willow wreathes home to hang on their doors for Christmas, while others very generously donated their creations to the Abbey Community Centre for us to raise some money towards the ongoing activities at the centre. We will be selling these beautiful natural wreathes at our Christmas market at our next CTC Saturday Club on December 6th. Why not come down and take a look?


Getting to it on the terrace

Will-oh so beautiful!

Will-oh so beautiful!

Adding the greenery

Adding the greenery

Joe adding the finishing touches with Ruth

Joe adding the finishing touches with Ruth


Christine with her masterpiece!


Ta da! Well done everybody


Earlier this month Joe from Wild About the Heath also led a nature walk for us on Hampstead Heath. Some of our members had never been before, others were regular users but hadn’t realised just how much wildlife lives there, while others hadn’t been able to go for years because of mobility problems. But Joe sorted us out with the free mobility scooters you can hire so we could all enjoy the Heath and reconnect with the amazing plants and animals that live there.

Thanks again to Joe, Rosie and Rachel from Wild About the Heath for such a lovely couple of days getting to know the Heath.  We can’t wait to get back up there in springtime to see how it’s changed and to see if we can bring some ideas back to the Abbey Community Centre garden.

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