Herbalism course


A handful of Abbey Community Centre members took part in a very much hands-on Herbalism workshop in partnership with the Mary Ward Centre during September and November. The course married using household ingredients with specialist knowledge about their healing properties.

The group learned about the properties of different parts of the plants, herbs and flowers they used. When they had made their recipe and were ready to test it by taking a ‘dose’ the group then identified the physical sensations that were felt when it was applied!  Calendula and marigold were among some of the flowers that the group was taught about.


The recipes were developed over the course of three weeks. Some herbal recipes were taken home and left to develop in-between classes.   Oats were used to produce a skin softener, but first they had to be rubbed vigorously in the hands before being ready to form the skin softener preparation. Other preparations had to be strained. Household food ingredients including honey, sugar and vinegar were also added to the concoctions, with honey and garlic presented as a brilliant cure for cold.

Overall the course was very informative but also lots of fun thanks to the leadership of course leader Siobhan.



We’re hoping to have some more herbalism courses in the new year so watch this space…

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