Matching service

Coffee and cake morning on Friday was busy, chatty and well attended. This was the perfect backdrop against which to offer a new one-of-a-kind  ‘matching service’ .The  novelty of the idea is that people will be able to get to know each other better in settings outside of abbey community centre, while sharing a common goal, hobby or purpose… While the group gatherings  remain very popular, Abbey Community Centre thought it would be exciting for members to visit one another in  each others’ homes or outside in the community. This one-to-one arrangement promises to help to forge strong friendships as pairs spend time together for as long as their shared hobby keeps its hold.

To identify who would pair up with whom everyone was invited to write something they would like to give and something they would like to receive on a post it-note . Joanna made some suggestions of ideas that might work, such as gardening or sharing computer skills at home. Busily the community jotted down their own ideas for things they might like to do.  The notes were gathered in… and the services matches immediately identified. Among the matches was someone who wanted to improve their English and someone who wanted feedback on their teaching skills. Another match brought together two people who wanted to go to the cinema with someone. This project has the potential to be a great success so do get in touch with the centre if you would like to list your potential matches.

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