Chandra’s Bhajis!

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Our recipe share is becoming a popular monthly fixture on a Friday afternoon. On Friday 20th February, Chanda decided to introduce an eager group to the joys of Indian cooking with that much-loved  favourite, the Bhaji and its accompanying sauces, apple chutney and chili sauce.  Served as a starter or a snack the selection of  bhajis was delicious, from the traditional onion bhaji, to bhajis of mashed potato or mixed potato and onion. It was great to hear how to form the batter at the right consistency so that the bhaji holds together but is not stodgy or clumpy. The ideal is for a crispy outershell with a firm inside. Chanda shared her own take on the spice mix.  Everyone eagerly took part in rolling the bhaji mixture into balls and passed  them over to briefly deep-fry. For those who like spices Chanda talked through how to make a chilli sauce accompaniment,  while as an alternative, there was also tangy and aromatic apple chutney on the menu.  It was great to tuck in at the end and enjoy the light, crispy, handmade bhajis  which far out-did any mass-produced supermarket versions by a mile!

 If you would like to find out how to make this delicious snack, or if you need a reminder,  Chanda will circulate the recipe in our next UpYourStreet newsletter, so keep a look-out!  

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