Abbey success stories!

One of our CTC participants Louis, has spent some time chatting with Abbey Centre users and finding out about their individual stories and experiences. Have a read of some of these lovely success stories…

Simone Carneiro was always very busy at her job, leaving little room for anything else. She aspired to share her skills with others. But how could she?

One day, she eventually decided to have a turning point in her life, she gave up her job and started searching for a new challenge.


While looking for work, she also looked for opportunities to volunteer. As she went to vote at Abbey Community Centre, she noticed a flyer offering many local volunteering opportunities. She started weeks later volunteering for just a couple of hours a week, running an Arts and Craft class for kids in the community.

Volunteering became so addictive that I had to set limits to myself!”

She subsequently picked up a few hours at the IT Drop-In, gardening, befriending and even some ad hoc Admin work whenever there was a need. ‘Volunteering was such a transforming experience: it gave me a sense of value, increased my self-esteem and gave me great motivation to the extent of changing my outlook on life’.

Empowering others, adds to my life too!”


IT success

Resident of Camden, Liam has been visiting the Abbey Community Centre in a search for improving his cooking skills only to discover that, in addition, he could get some support to sort out some email issues.

Liam was waiting for an important communication regarding a money transfer only to get lost with all the different devices in his possession (phone, iPad and laptop). It was very important to him to get his tech equipment sorted.

Joining the IT Drop-In on Wednesday’s (CHAPS program), our volunteers were able to provide guidance to synchronize, clean up and streamline each device.

And that made way for additional involvement of Liam in other programs offered, including the prospect of Liam leading a class on Twitter for his fellow Chaps!

“What you have done for me is just a real boost!”


Judith’s story: ‘With only 4 hours a week at the Abbey Community Centre, I have turned around the negative impact that my failing health has had on my career’.

I assist over 50s with the use of computer and the internet twice a week by attending the Monday and Wednesday IT Drop-In’s.

Volunteering helps me structure my week!

Fully vested in my work as an Administrator at the Royal Central School of speech and drama, a huge void appeared when I could no longer work. A year later, I became a volunteer; a perfect way to redirect my energy with a sense of belonging and contributing to the community.

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