GoodGym garden heroes!


This week a brilliant group of joggers from the GoodGym popped by the Abbey Community Centre Garden to help us clear, sweep, weed, paint and generally spruce the place up. It’s amazing what can get done in 45 minutes with a group of 25 fit and enthusiastic folks on hand! The garden was abuzz with activity; it was like an episode of Groundforce!

They also helped us get started on painting the back wall behind the Garden Room, which will soon become a fabulous mural and a beautiful place for CTCers to sit during coffee mornings in the summer. A big thank you to CTCer, Simone, for helping to organise the evening too, hunting down paint, designing the mural and just generally being a great help on the night. If you’d like to get involved with helping us to finish it then get in touch!

DSC01727 DSC01731 DSC01733 DSC01738 DSC01743 DSC01751 DSC01755

A big thank you to Shaun and the team. We hope you come back again soon!

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