Making bread together

DSC01766It did not take much persuasion to recruit a group of willing hands into making bread at Abbey Community Centre. It is one of those activities that is so rewarding in so many ways: From the mixing of the ingredients to the kneading of the dough to the proofing and growth to the final bake.  They are each so transformative, and of course, the golden brown finish and wonderful scent wafting through the air are just so pleasing to the senses!


Led by Daire, an artist (and brilliant chef!) with an interest in the memories and senses conjured by food and the making process, the group was happy to get stuck in and turn their attentions to making their very own sour cream dough loaf from scratch.

The ingredients was mixed so that it reached just the right consistency and was ready to knead on the flour-covered work surface. Kneading is a very delicate skill and getting used to the rolling motion takes some practice.  The physicality of this is something that really excites Daire,  and she was able to share this passion with our chefs as they aimed at a rolling, pressing motion that would give the dough a satiny-finish feel.  Off course, there was plenty of time for a lovely cup of tea as the dough was left to proof and Daire shared a home-made loaf she had made the day before.  Simple fare of bread, butter and a hot drink before the loaves were popped into the oven to bake and Daire and the group again shared their musings and reminiscences about food.



The finished products were fantastic. It was a real achievement for each and every chef as they claimed their fresh smelling golden loaves and wrapped them up to take home and share with family and friend.

DSC01776 DSC01778 DSC01774 DSC01768

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