Camden intergenerational week

Different generations were brought together for a week of events in Camden, between 11th and 15th May.  CTCers got involved in the wide programme of activities and loved the emphasis on doing things together, by exploring art, dance, craft, song, drama and creative writing,  to name but a few of the things they got up to! Many of the events were hosted by local school-children, reaching out to the generations that have come before them; while activities that are associated with the older generations such as gardening or taking high-tea were also enjoyed. The week of events helped to build bridges and fostered understanding across the ages and has been a great influence in strengthening our local community.

Several of our CTCers got stuck in organising their own events across the borough. Sally in West Hampstead organised a brilliant afternoon of community art with a wildlife theme for children from Sington Nursery, older children from Beckford Primary School, their parents and carers and local elders from WHEART. The images will be the templates for a mosaic to be displayed in Mill Lane Open Space.

Myra from Primrose Hill organised a fabulous sing-a-long Sound of Music event, in honour of its 50th anniversary!) for the older residents of the Oldfield Sheltered Housing Estate with help from the Primrose Hill Players and children from the local primary school. The lonely goatherd song was a particular favourite with everyone young and old trying out their yodelling techniques! It was a wonderful afternoon and we were also lucky to be treated to some crisp apple strudel! This was definitely one of our favourite things.


For more information about the Camden Intergenerational Week visit the website here:  We’re looking forward to next year already! Thank you to everyone involved for such a great week.

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