Frolicking in the Flourishing Flowers

Feeding the birds and having some fun!

Feeding the birds and having some fun!

IMG_1108On June 9th a group of ladies from the Abbey Community Centre went on a Freedom Pass trip to the Queens Marys Rose Gardens in Regents Park! Even with the clouds covering the sun’s shine and brisk cold winds, it still didn’t stop the ladies from enjoying the beautiful blossoming flowers. Before entering the Rose Garden, we sat on a bench near the pond and fed the pigeon and geese crisps. The ladies did quite enjoy the flock of birds swooping in over our heads as they quickly ate the food in front of them. Once we were done feeding the birds we continued our journey to the Rose Garden and once we entered we saw all the exotic coloured roses ranging from delicate soft coloured pink, to blazing fired coloured orange. It was quite a sight see. The only words the ladies could express while strolling through the garden was “oooh and awwhh,” and “this one smells wonderful!” as they smelt the flourishing roses. All and all, the touring of the Rose Garden was quite a success and the ladies seemed to enjoy it!

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