October Saturday Club fun

Cooking up a treat for everyone

Cooking up a treat for everyone

What a delicious meal we had this month for Saturday Club cooked by brilliant CTCer Chanda and her crack team of CTC volunteer chefs. Getting started early, Chanda’s helpers chopped, blitzed and stirred and made a beautiful three course Indian-style meal. First up was lentil and spring onion soup followed by chickpea, potato and spinach curry with beautiful warm flat bread, with a good dollop of ice cream to finish! Chanda ran a tight ship and the food was ready and kitchen cleared with time to spare for a cheeky cup of tea for the cooks before lunch! Music, cakes, tea and raffle as always and a big thank you to all who helped cook, set up, tidy away. Jimmy and Frieda donated their paintings again to help us raise money for the centre and brighten the hall.

Our talented artists!

Our talented artists!


Debbie calling the raffle


In the afternoon we were meant to be doing a little investigation into our family trees with the help of expert CTCer Anthony, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to make it this time, so we looked into our Abbey Community Centre family tree instead, finding out that some people have been coming to the centre since it opened in 1976 (amazing!), while others have only joined us more recently. And we’re a diverse bunch with folks born on almost every continent, from countries as far away as France to Nigeria to India to Colombia to Croatia! Anthony will hopefully be coming back another Saturday Club to help us track down long lost friends and family and to find out about our ancestors, which we are all looking forward to.

Chefs taking a break in the kitchen

Chefs taking a break in the kitchen

Bread almost as big as Kanchan!

Bread almost as big as Kanchan!

It is also monitoring week at the centre too, which is when we ask everyone who attends the centre in a week once a year to fill in a form about how we are doing, what do they like about the centre and how we can improve. This is really useful for us so a big thank you to everyone who very helpfully filled this in for us.

If you would like to learn how to cook another one of Chanda’s signature recipes, pop along to our recipe share session on Saturday November 2nd. She will be teaching a small group her secret recipe and techniques for making vegetable Kachori. There is just a small suggested donation of £2.50 to cover the cost of ingredients. Booking is essential too so let Laura know on 07447 932 564 or next time you pop into the centre.

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