‘Growing Buddies’ workshops end but new friendships sown

WP_20151023_12_49_03_ProThis week, as the clocks went back and officially ended British Summer Time, so too ended our popular programme of garden craft workshops that we have been running throughout summer as part of our Growing Buddies Project. In our last week our brilliant garden crafters turned their hand to upcycling old jam jars into beautiful candle holders using autumn leaves and berries from the garden. They look fabulous hanging from our garden veranda glowing in the autumn twilight, but they are actually bound for windowsills and balconies around the local area for people less able to enjoy the garden with us on a regular basis. Volunteers will continue taking them round to people over the next few weeks.

IMG_0295 IMG_0284

This has been a lovely project that we have been able to deliver with support from the Olswang Green Seed Fund and Wates. Lots of new skills have been learnt in the garden, lots of things that were heading for landfill have been given a new lease of life, and lots of new friendships have been made. As part of the support from Olswang and Wates we’ve also been able to improve the Abbey Community Centre garden with new gloves, tools, soil and seating and just generally turn it into a lovely little oasis for people to enjoy in a very built up part of Kilburn.

WP_20151023_11_46_21_Pro IMG_0282

Things are winding down now in the garden for the colder months, although there is still lots to do and our intrepid gardeners will still be popping in regularly to keep the place in good shape and get it ready for spring.

We’ve had such lovely feedback from everyone involved in the garden and making, delivering and receiving our garden gifts, so we hope to be able to build on this fun recycling craft project in the spring.

“It has given me different ideas such as how to make something out of nothing. It gives pleasure and removes problems and loneliness for a while.”

“I have found the sessions very, very enjoyable. It has been a wonderful experience. I’ve never done the majority of works I have learned and have interacted with people in a very friendly environment. Time goes quickly every time. Very entertaining, useful, funny, all for good!”

“The project was very helpful, enjoyable and educating. I gained lot of knowledge about recycling material which is usually thrown away and I made new friends.”

“I enjoyed the gardening workshops very much. I hope there will be more sessions. I learnt new skills of planting bulbs, making bird feeders, decorating bottles to make them into lanterns and lots more. Thank you very much.”

A big thank you and well done to all involved 🙂

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