2015 – a year in review and happy New Year to you!

It is hard to believe that another year is over. And what a year it has been. Every one of you who has come along has made the life of the centre vibrant, inviting and a special place to be. You are a marvellous friendly bunch who are open to trying new things, enjoying life’s simple pleasures – like relaxing together over tea and biscuits and having a good chat – and welcoming new faces into the fold!

As we look back we can see that this year has been a year of many “firsts”. For the first time CTC’ers put on their very own pantomime production: Aladdin! They wrote, rehearsed, and created their own costumes, sound effects and scenery for a production which ended the CTC year with plenty of laughter and in imitable style! For the first time 2015 launched our Growing Buddies project which brought together arts and crafts activity in the back yard, itself a new space transformed by Simone’s amazing wall mural and our gardeners hard work. And for the first time Irene introduced fun brain-training games at our lively coffee mornings, helping you all to get those grey cells active.

The year has also been driven by the rhythm of regular CTC features. Our garden is flourishing thanks to all those of you who help to tend the space and who have made it abundant with crops as well as pretty splashes of colourful flowers. Over the year you have harvested your very own CTC grown’ runner beans, green tomatoes, spinach, edible flowers, new potatoes, garlic and carrots to name just some of the garden’s produce. And the taste has proved that food really does taste best when it is ‘home’ or ‘community’ grown!

Many of you have been along to the regular IT drop-in classes on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. You have grown in confidence as our helpful volunteers have helped you experiment with going online and using email and the internet! Our ladies crochet group has gone from strength to strength and you have used your expertise to gift crocheted snowflakes to decorate the CTC garden room and make it feel ever so xmassy.

The ever popular Saturday Club has proved that there is nothing like preparing and sharing a meal together, and CTC ladies and gents have tried out delicious recipes and developed culinary skills that they would not have tried without the friendly guidance of our volunteer chefs. Many of the dishes they have created have used the wonderful produce from the garden too so we can talk in food inches not miles!

Our gents have enjoyed ‘manning’ the kitchen in their men only ‘CHAPS’ cooking group and have also enjoyed fixing dud electrical goods throughout the year – saving numberless gadgets from the skip!

There has been so much to do and we are sure each of you will have your own fondest memories as we wave goodbye to the year! Merry Christmas and we look forward to more of that community spirit in 2016…

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