Get ready for 2016 – spending and earning CTC Time Credits


The 2016 Community Time Camden (CTC) calendar is bursting with things to do and projects to get involved with- and it is amazing that around 75% of CTC activities and life at the centre is ‘delivered’ by YOU, our over 50’s ladies and gents, by sharing your skills, interests and that most valuable commodity of all – your time!

Community Time Camden at the Abbey Community Centre is nothing if it is not a community of give and take. What is on offer at the centre reflects the wonderful rainbow of interests and personalities that you bring and for every hour you give to the community you ‘earn’ one Time Credit to ‘spend’ on yourself on CTC courses, trips or social events.

You can receive from a cornucopia of activities; creative, practical, social, in the kitchen trying out a new recipe- whatever takes your fancy, and you can give back along similar lines! Perhaps you would love to learn Spanish; try creative writing or dance your heart out at our dance classes. You can do as much or as little as you like; dip in and dip out. Simply find ways to give back to your fellow CTCers as you are able… You may wish to give your time to help a CTC neighbour out at home, or lead a CTC away-day to a place of interest. You may even have a new skill you would like to share or be able to offer some IT advice or a listening hear!

The great thing about CTC is that there are as many ways to ‘earn’ Time Credits as there are ways to ‘spend’ them, and our community flourishes through arning and spending Time Credits in equal measure. When there is lots on that you might like to try out you can even spend ‘credits’ that you have not yet earned – before you have had a chance to ‘earn’ or give back.

Because we think that spending time with your community is valuable in itself, we count many of our activities as neutral. For example by coming along to our Friday Coffee Mornings and having a natter over a cup of tea, we consider that you spend and earn ‘Time Credits’ in equal measure and so the Time Credit balance remains neutral…. To find out more ways that you can ‘earn’ and ‘spend’ Time Credits ask to see our ‘Get Ready for 2016’ leaflet which will give you even more ideas. We hope you have liked the Time Credit spirit that we run the centre on and we look forward to seeing familiar faces, returning faces and new faces in 2016.

more happen together use this one wave 2

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