RE-CYCLE-ART does eggbox flowers

Last Tuesday, it was cold and rainy outside, but the RE-CYCLE-ART workshop (run by the lovely Simone, our Evening and Weekend Activities Facilitator) was abuzz with activity! CTCers Christine, Karin, Violet, Lucia, Kumud, Sally and John gathered in the ACC kitchen to beat the January blues and unleash their creativity by making some innovative frames from recycled cardboard.

The frames are circular and can be used for photos, pictures or mirrors. We started by drawing two circles using plates to create the outline of the frame and cutting this out. Each frame uses three layers of cardboard to ensure they remain robust.

Now for the best bit – decoration! There’s no limit to what you can do with different fabrics, ribbons, mosaics, organic materials, textures and colours… this time we went for a floral design, fashioning roses out of egg boxes.

To make a rose, cut out the cups from the egg boxes and cut these into the shape of four petals. Each rose needs four layers of these petal cut-outs arranged and stuck inside the outer cup. Close the petals of the central later to create the rosebud in the middle.

Sally got carried away chatting while cutting the petals and ended up with a cute baby flower!

When the glue has dried, shape the petals to create a realistic flower. The whole process is fiddly and requires patience, but is actually very relaxing. We managed to make 20 roses in 2 hours! (with a break for tea, coffee and cake of course) Next, glue these onto your frame.

The beautiful results:

RE-CYCLE-ART restarted in January and we’ve been thinking about ways cardboard boxes in particular can be re-used to make decorative arts. The range of useful things that can be made from a simple cardboard box is incredible – from children’s toys to sculptures, decorations and even furniture (cardboard can be very strong when layered up)!

Inspired by the sessions, RE-CYCLE-ART members Kumud and Lucia got together during the Christmas break to produce an amazing mirror made from a recycled tray and flowers. Kumud is also using some placemats she no longer needs to make a wall decoration with the eggbox flowers.

Why not try your own ideas at home? You’ll never be ‘board’ again…

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