RE-CYCLE-ART: You’ve been framed…

This week we worked in groups to finish our glorious photo frames made from recycled cardboard, decorating them with flowers, lace and cords.

Sally ended up with sticky fingers!

This week we welcomed lovely Sushiben to the group. She was made very welcome and shared some great ideas, producing an amazing frame with Lucia. Meanwhile, Connie was nominated our avant-garde artist!

Kumud finished her bespoke wall deco, while Marta, Karin and Connie created an amazing rustic style frame. Even our lovely and dedicated volunteer Silvana decided to have a go at making a contemporary frame.


Future plans:

  • Collage making session using old photos, postcards, stamps or other images with a special personal meaning.
  • Producing a sculpture for Abbey Community Centre’s garden from recycled materials, to be unveiled at Abbey’s 40th Birthday Party in June! RE-CYCLE-ART are very excited for this project and are already discussing ideas. Looking forward to seeing what they decide to make!


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