Soup-er Saturday Club!

A massive thank you to CTCer Irene and her team of volunteer chefs who cooked up an absolutely delicious sweetcorn and coconut soup with bread for starter, followed by vegetable noodles, all inspired by the flavours of Malaysia. We finished off with a lovely bit of banana cake and ice cream, baked by CTCer Karin. Irene gave a wonderful cooking tutorial session for 10 keen CTCers in the morning, learning all sorts from how to use coconut in cooking and cut the finest crudité carrots you have ever seen!

Not only was it delicious, it was also super healthy, easy to make and very affordable. Irene did some great bargain hunting with her shopping and managed to bring in possibly one of the most economical cost per head for CTC Saturday Club we have ever done – creating a superb three course meal for just 30p per head! Everyone has been asking for the recipe too, so we will make sure to put it in the next edition of Up Your Street.

A big thank you to everyone who helped cook, set up, clear up, made donations, provided entertainment (especially DJ Dave), organised and donated prizes for the raffle. A real team effort as always and a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

After lunch we played our very own Abbey Community Centre version of Brucey’s Play Your Cards Right, a very close run thing with team Team 1 narrowly winning (but very generously sharing their prize sweets with Team 2 anyway!). A big thank you to Rachel who has been helping out at CTC Saturday Club for the last few months for her Duke of Edinburgh Award for turning the cards and keeping score so excellently!

All in, we raised over £100 from the raffle, tea and cake and donations. A fabulous achievement and a big thank you to Pam and Karin for baking the cakes. So our total for the new cooker fund now stands at a whopping £557.12! A couple more Saturday Clubs like this one and we’ll have the full amount for a sparkly new cooker that will allow us to keep having lunch together like today for many years to come.





 More pictures to follow soon…


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