We made it!



This is Jasper, the star of the last walk of the Hampstead Heritage Trail! He’s fostered by Kevin and soon will be adopted by a new lovely family. He seemed to enjoy the walk that took us to the panoramic view over London of Alexandra Palace, where we had drinks and crisps. Jasper enjoyed the crisps even more.

In total through 5 (almost) weekly walks we have covered 15 miles from Camden Town through Belsize Park, Hampstead Village, Temple Fortune and East Finchley, until Alexandra Palace, finding along the trail more then 500 points of interest. Personally I’ve learned a lot about the history of London, it’s architecture and I think I understand better why this town has this shape. Most important I had a lot of fun doing the best single thing for my wellbeing. Thanks to everyone that joined the walk of the different sections.

Now it’s time to make new projects for the next walks! I think that we’ll explore the Hampstead Heath, and that we’ll go on grabbing any chance to walk together around Abbey Community Centre.

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