Kilburn’s most curious secret place

There’s a place that all the curious people in Kilburn should know…but very few do.

It’s the Tin Tabernacle, just off the High Road (12-16 Cambridge Ave. NW6 5BA). Build by the Scottish protestant railway workers in 1863, it’s still there, resisting the elements and real estate speculation. A little miracle. And a bizarre one, as it’s interior is made with the shape of a battleship, and the altar comes from a movie set. You can even try the machine gun, if you want!

Saturday last week we went there with group of men from the Abbey CC and KOVE. A very local trip, so enjoyable and with tea included… we had planned to be there for half an our or so, but we ended being there almost two hours! Now we are among the few experts about the Tin Tabernacle and it’s history. 😉

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