Thank you and arrivederci!

Today was my last day at the Abbey Community Centre. As you may already know, I’m moving to Paris with my family after three years in London and ten months at the Abbey Community Centre with the role of Men’s Activities Coordinator.

I would like to let know all the people of the community how grateful I am for the opportunity I’ve been given and for embracing me so kindly since from the very beginning. I’ve been happy to come at work every single day, without exceptions. Thank you!

It has been a terrific experience. So much happens here every day: so many opportunities to learn new things together, to belong to a community, to develop relationships, to be active, to improve your well-being, to participate, or simply to know that in the neighbourhood there’s a place where you’re always welcome. At the Abbey even just attending a class or doing the ordinary daily activities is not what we usually call “using a service”, but rather it is being part of a collective effort to make the world (or at least Kilburn) a better place. I’m honoured to have taken part of it.

In these months I have admired the natural and spontaneous dedication of the many volunteers, and the great professional job that the staff is doing to make it all possible, every day (every day, rain or shine!) with love and respect. I’ve learnt a lot and I really hope to be able to bring all these learnings to other organisations in the future.

I’ve found many friends (the CHAPS first of all, of course!) with whom I’ve had great fun and that have inspired me. I will never forget the lovely time we’ve spent together.

I hope that we’ll keep in touch. If you want to write me, just ask for my personal email address at the reception, I’ll be happy to let you know how things are going in France. I also hope I’ll have the chance to come back every now and then to say hello.

The most simple and kind goodbye I know goes like this: “I have taken some part of you into me. It has changed and enriched me, and I shall pass it to others”. That’s what I would like to say to the wonderful people of the Abbey Community Centre.

Once again, thank you!

I wish you all the best.




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