Hyde Park’s secret garden

On Tuesday we were very lucky to be invited along to Hyde Park to the Royal Parks Foundation Education Centre for a fab nature walk and talk. 15 CTCers traveled there by bus using their Freedom Passes before being treated to a ride in the Royal Parks Foundation golf buggy and a lovely cup of tea and a biscuit!



Hidden in a copse of trees in Hyde Park, built on an old Victorian reservoir, with bat boxes and a living roof, this tranquil haven in the heart of London is a truely unique and eco friendly spot. Guided by the wonderful Nell and Brigid from the Park’s Community Education Team we were shown all the wonderful nature that surrounds us in the heart of London and what we can do to encourage it in our own gardens and balconies.

Particular highlights of the day  were seeing their wonderful butterfly bank, bird watching and feeding, looking the ‘lightning tree’, spotting the wild cockatoos that have taken up residency in the park and having a go at a spot of pond dipping.

We were all very excited when Jayshree found a dragonfly nymph (which is how they spend 4 years of their lives below water before emerging as a beautiful insect above water for just a matter of weeks). Of course we made sure we popped it back safe and sound in the water afterwards though!

After our visit, it was such a lovely day that lots of folks stayed in the park to explore further visiting sights such as the Italian Gardens and the Diana Memorial Fountain. It was a lovely day and we learned a lot. A big thank you to Nell and Brigid for hosting us. We look forward to coming back again one day!


Can you spot the cockatoo?!

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