Creative writing update

Next session: Thursday 20th October, 12.15pm

I’ve been loving running the creative writing group—we’ve been doing a different theme each month, from ‘Food’ to ‘Family’, to ‘Ageing’! It’s so interesting to hear about everyone’s life experiences. Last session we looked at different issues in ‘Society’ – including political goings-on, gender and education, and prejudice and stereotyping. Sue wrote a fantastic poem about one particular stereotype she faces—it made me chuckle so much I knew I had to include it on our blog!

“It’s funny you should call me a Curry Queen
For cooking and smells I have never seen
I love my takeaways and Chinese food
Delicious, yum yum—it tastes so good
And on Sundays we do a Yorkshire pud
Pub night on Fridays for fish and chips
We always look forward to our weekly trip.
But let’s get back to curry
About which I haven’t a clue
But if you want to cook me some
I’ll be thrilled, you’re welcome—please do!”

Come and join us in the Garden Room next time—I’d love to see you there. Any questions, just drop me an email on or call on 07805 869136. Bryony


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