CTCer Spotlight!: Christine


Christine (right) with her mate Pam at Abbey

How did you find out about Abbey Community Centre?
I asked about community centres in Willesden Green Library, about two years ago.

What were your first impressions of Abbey Community Centre? I was a bit shy at first but everyone made me feel welcome. Once I got to know people I found they were just like me—up for fun and up for a laugh.

What is a typical week for you at the community centre? Bingo, coffee morning, dancing… I also come to Saturday Club and the trips too.

How would you describe the experience of being part of a CTC group? Terrific! And that’s because of the people—everyone is so helpful and compassionate. If someone’s ill, we’ll all club together to get them a card.

Tell us more about Kilburn Good Neighbours I’m a volunteer befriender, visiting a lady once a week, every Thursday. We have a laugh. I was motivated to do that because there’s a lot of lonely older people out there stuck at home. I get out and about a lot, but one day (touch wood!) I might not be able to do that.

What is the best thing about Abbey Community Centre? Hmm, I can’t say the food… the people!

Have you spotted anything on the Calendar of Upcoming events that you would like to be part of? The boccia.

What one thing would you say to others about the centre? Come along if you want to enjoy yourself and have fun! There’s nothing boring about the Abbey!

How would you sum up Abbey Community Centre in three words? Can I swear? Bloody terrific place!

Thanks Christine for chatting to me about your experiences of the centre. If you’d like to be interviewed or have a story to share, do get in touch on publicity@abbeycc-kilburn.org.uk or 07805869136. Want to become a Kilburn Good Neighbours volunteer like Christine? Contact Joanna on 020 7604 4823 or kgn@abbeycc-kilburn.org.uk.


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