The Great Abbey Bake-off!

October Saturday Club saw something very special happen at Abbey – our first ever community bake-off! For days prior delicious smells had been wafting through the centre as everyone prepared their entries for this competitive culinary contest.

The CHAPS mixing, sifting and zesting their way to stardom with the North London Cares volunteers:

Saturday 15th rolled around quickly and Gavin started the day off by leading a brisk group walk around Kilburn – whetting everyone’s appetites for the bakes to come. (especially the dog’s!)

It was soon time for lunch and our CTC volunteers were busy in the kitchen, serving up the most delectable homemade samosas en masse! I had one yesterday and it was like a little triangular taste of heaven.

The hall was soon buzzing with the sound of some very contented people (over 90 guests this month!). The selfie-takers below are CHAPS coordinator Gavin and DJ Dave, who provided the tunes for the day.

Then it was time for the much-anticipated bake-off judging! We had a whole range of entries from male and female bakers: from chocolate orange to pistachio to a classic lemon drizzle.

Although Paul and Mary couldn’t make it this time, we did have our very own Abbey Bake-off Judges, volunteer Deborah and our Chair John Foley, to taste the offerings. ‘Indescribable!’ he said about one entry.


After much deliberation they decided on the winner: the CHAPS! Better luck next time ladies.

All in all we had a fantastic Saturday Club: thanks to everyone who came, helped out, entered their bakes and ate samosas! See you for the next Saturday Club on November 19th: we’ll be holding a massive clothes-swap event with volunteers from The Challenge Network. So start saving up your togs now. Until then!

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