Volunteer Christmas Party

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Abbey Community Centre, across all services and projects from our children’s creche to our befriending schemes. Equally important are the individuals who give up their time to keep the centre running day-to-day – covering reception, working in the garden, doing small DIY and administrative bits and bobs to keep us going. Over the last year we have had approximately 150 volunteers in total, some of whom have been with us for years.


It would be impossible to keep going without them so it was only right that we threw them an amazing Xmas bash! Complete with minibar, mulled wine, nibbles, a visit from Santa (amazing how much he manages to drop by the centre this time of year…) and a bit of a boogie.

“It’s good and I didn’t feel left out. I like speaking to people I don’t know. I enjoy communicating with other volunteers and we exchanged ideas with each other.”

A festive performance from our newly-established Abbey Choir was a highlight. Here they are in action!

“Today was amazing. Everything was lovely. There are many volunteers I didn’t know! I also made friends I didn’t know. The choir was really good and I am very happy! Thank you Abbey Community Centre staff.”

Above left are Maurice, our jack-of-all-trades volunteer who basically keeps the centre intact, and Maria-Elena, our brilliant head-gardener. And top right is May, who took some of these photos and gives her time as a trustee for Abbey, and Adriana, who is one of our lifesaving reception volunteers. Local heroes!

“Thanks for putting on a great party! The choir was fantastic and it was great to chat with other volunteers. Thanks for the mulled wine and for introducing us to Twiglets!”

The wonderfully sprightly volunteers from GoodGym popped by to do a leaflet delivery for us, and enjoyed some very well-deserved snacks.

“How nice to be invited to such a warm gathering. I do love touching base with so many pals. The canapes were delish too.”

“Amazing! A great opportunity to know some other volunteers and enjoy the warm atmosphere!”

We hope our brilliant, resourceful and reliable troupes of volunteers enjoyed the party as much as we did. Seasons greetings to you all!

“The party tonight was amazing. I enjoyed the mulled wine! Gavin can tell you how many I had…”

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