January Saturday Club: Variety show!

On the 21st we held a big and busy Saturday Club to take everyone’s minds off this month of freezing weather, Blue Mondays and failed resolutions. Prabhat and her team of volunteers put together a chickpea curry to help everyone warm up, along with a pasta salad starter and Indian semolina dessert – three-course decadence!

Special mention to the fantastic apron modelled by Carmel.

The food was ready in no time, which was lucky as a long queue had formed! January always tends to make people hungrier…

Soon everyone was warming up, munching contentedly and catching up on the month’s gossip as usual.

After lunch we had a bit of a ‘variety show’ with acts from across the centre! First up was our community choir, led by Stac, a student from the Brit School. Choir practice at Abbey is on Wednesdays from 6-7.30pm. We’re always looking for new singers – of any ability – and it’s totally free to join.

Recently the Community Time Camden bunch has been working on a contemporary panto version of Dick Whittington. The full performance has had to be delayed due to cast illness, but preparations are well underway… you can see the set design below!

As part of the Saturday Club we had a reading by our Creative Writing group, which will eventually be the introduction to the panto, to give everyone a taster of the story. Below our trustee Diana is reading it with some members of the group. Thanks Hassan, Lucien and Carol for putting it all together! If you’d like to join Creative Writing, you’d be most welcome. Just pop along every third Thursday of the month at 12.15pm.

“A typical day in London town
Commuters with their dreary frowns
Smoke spirals from the chimney tops
People crowding into shops.
Rich tourists on their way to Kew
Dodging past the jobcentre queue.
A city full of dark, dank homes, workhouses
next to palaces with a hundred rooms.
But who’s that coming down the road?

A young man with – is that a toad?
No, oh silly me, it’s a cat!
Wonder if they know about King Rat…
Hundreds come to London town
Every week, to earn a crown
make their fortune, if they can
though sometimes even the best laid plans
don’t quite run smooth. Still they come
in search of work, of love, of fun,
to become gentlemen or politicians.
This one looks like he’s got ambition.
So let’s wish him all the best
Getting a job is the first test…” 

We also had a show from our fantastic dance group, led by volunteer Emma, a professional dance tutor who we are very lucky to have running the group (Fridays 1.30-3pm!) More dance pics to come…

All this AND our usual raffle! Next Saturday Club will be held on February 18th where we will be holding a bookswap! More details to come.

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