And the Kilburn table tennis champions are…

Our table tennis sessions have been running for a few months now with great success, thanks to our beautiful tables from Loop in the Community alongside a grant from FreeSport. Since receiving both donations, the sessions have seen more and more participants of all ages each week. Two of our CTCers, Lynda and Hassan, trained up as coaches with Table Tennis England with money from FreeSport. We even had another table donated anonymously by a very generous member of the community, to accommodate for the growing numbers of attendees. It’s been a fab way to get older and younger generations together and to get everyone active.

To celebrate, we held a much-anticipated tournament here last Monday.

The tournament had a straightforward ‘knockout’ structure with winners going through to the next round. But at the Abbey CC tournament the ‘losers’ also had a chance to play again with the ‘losers’ from the other tables.So everyone’s a winner after all!

Firstly we held 4 tables of doubles competitions in which adults and children were competing.We offered the choice of playing separately to the children, but they decided to challenge the adults! Four people kindly offered to be volunteer referees for the Doubles:Dashmoor Qarkaxhiu, Dennis Ajufo, Jamal Ali and of course our wonderful coach Hassan. A BIG thanks to them – they were fantastic!

Our doubles winners were Sue and David Lyn, and runners up were Diana Robin and Michael Stuart. Sue and David are pictured below with Simone and Hassan.


We then held four tables worth of singles competitions in which the top players were competing. The talented winner was Dashnoor and runners up Dennis and Jamal. Congratulations guys!

All winners won golden trophies and runners up golden medals (all children who participated also received a gold medal for effort. They were very happy!) Some of the ladies won flowers, which prompted jokes from the gents who also secretly wanted a bunch of blooms! 





In total, 31 people turned up for the tournament, which meant we had to run the doubles and singles one after the other, so we could make use of all four tables.

We’d like to give a special thanks to Hassan here – his dedication and help as a table tennis coach the last few months has been amazing. He is wonderfully patient and motivates all the players. Peter Rees has also been a fantastic help every Monday, setting up the table tennis tables, chairs and snacks.

If you haven’t come to a ping pong class yet, why not pop by? Classes are held here at Abbey on Mondays from 6-8pm, are open to everyone and are completely FREE! We hope to see you soon! Maybe you’ll even give our current champions a run for their money in our summer tournament…

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