Thank you to all CTC members for the great feedback you provided on Abbey Community Centre at last year’s Christmas party! We hope your comments inspire more locals to join in the fun :)

“Very kind and cooperative people! They are organised and display a lot of love and respect.”

“Members are multicultural, cooperative, organised and helpful. We always enjoy coming here.”

“The best thing about Abbey Community Centre is the warmth and friendliness of the staff. The people who attend are also lovely.”

“The centre is welcoming to all communities with a great variety of services which help many to avoid loneliness and exclusion.”

“We always enjoy coming here! All the activities are enjoyable. Many thanks for what you’re doing for us.”

“Multicultural gatherings where we thoroughly enjoy ourselves. The staff are very welcoming and the activities are both useful and fun!”

“I love everything about Abbey Community Centre! The volunteers, the events, the atmosphere..!”

“Very friendly, hospitable, loving, accommodating and highly educative.”

“I love attending the parties and gatherings. It’s always homely and has a feeling of togetherness.”

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