A day to remember: Trip to Saffron Walden

With special thanks to The Goldsmiths’ Company
Earlier this month the Kilburn Good Neighbours team enjoyed a coach trip to Saffron Walden, a delightful medieval market town located in north-west Essex. Filled with beautiful historic architecture, a museum and library, everyone absorbed and took home with them insightful knowledge of this culturally rich town.


saffron walden

safron walden 1
The sun was shining brightly, the perfect weather to appreciate the scenic garden and lake. Everyone took advantage of the top bargains on offer at the abundant selection of market stalls and had a wander through different charity shops. After a few hours on their feet the members and volunteers filled their bellies with a hearty lunch at the local chippy.

lakelake 1






Once again, the opportunity to escape London for a culture-filled adventure in a different part of our diverse country is appreciated by all. This experience was enriching and a great addition to our catalogue of Kilburn Good Neighbours’ memories.
A massive thank you to The Goldsmith’s Company for making this trip possible!

marketmarket 1.png







A true success?! Don’t just take my word for it! Hear what some of the trip attendees had to say…
“Interesting country town, lovely old buildings. Beautiful garden and church. Thank you for a lovely day.”
“I was so rested that I would have stayed a bit longer. Thank you for making me feel better today.”
“Lovely and peaceful place to be.”
“A nice new experience. Friendly. Got to see everything. Look forward to more trips.”
“The market was very good with nice food and the day was lovely and sunny. Joanna is a good organiser. Thanks all for a wonderful trip.”
“A beautiful town and what a wonderful day. The museum was fantastic and a lovely church.”
“Was very nice place. Lots of fresh air.”
“Well-planned and great! Much enjoyed it. Would like to go on more day coach trips.”



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