Drumroll please…

We have some exciting news!

You have probably noticed Saturday Club getting more and more popular over the past year. As well as keeping Laura very fit, the increased numbers are a testament to the hard work and creativity of the many CTC volunteers who help us cook, clean and organise each month.

Well… because of this increasing demand, on May 6th we opened our doors for our very first pop-up community cafe which will be open every Saturday from now on! 


This is a place for the whole community—from CTCers to the families who use our crèche – to drop in and enjoy. The cafe is being run by our very own Laura along with our wonderful new cook, Jenny. There is a (very) small charge in place for food and drink – we made it £2 per hot meal on Saturday. There are also some cold/snacky options, fruit, cakes, coffee and tea all at affordable prices. How do we keep it so cheap? By recycling food! The majority of the food is coming from the wonderful people at the Felix Project, who redistribute food waste from local supermarkets which is still in perfectly good nick. We are also receiving donations from our local M&S. We’re going to make delicious, healthy, vegetarian meals from it – look at the chickpea, tomato and cinnamon and the red lentil and carrot soups below!

The café has created numerous oppportunities for volunteering (see the lovely team from Sat 6th below – thanks Zainab, Kanchan, Alan, Jean, Dee and Silvana for helping Jenny out!) as well as meaningful work experience in catering and customer service, particularly for people looking to get into work. If you know anyone who might be interested, please tell us. 

volunteers 06.05.17

And we’re not just dishing up food, though that’s a big part of it! We want the centre to be a safe, friendly place for people of all ages to come and spend their Saturday. We’ll have our table tennis tables out to use and some soft play equipment for the kids. You can read up on some healthy eating tips and find out what’s happening at the centre that week. And we’ll have a weekly market stall at the cafe selling our wares from all the CTC groups – beautiful crafts from RE-CYCLE-ART, sewing and crochet products, baked goods from our cooking clubs, produce from the garden and anything else you can think of! This will give you guys an opportunity to raise some funds for your group and to showcase your talents. Crotchet group sold some gorgeous crotchet roses on Saturday:


The cafe has been opened thanks to a grant from the Food For London / Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund over at the London Community Foundation. We have the grant in place for one year, with some of our costs being covered by the proceeds from the cafe – like a social enterprise. We had loads of people on Saturday 6th and are sure it will continue to grow as we start advertising to the wider community. See below Alan and Jean, surveying their kingdom!

Please do bring some spare change and come and join us soon – we’re open every Saturday, 11am-2pm. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, give Laura a ring on 07447 932 564.  The cafe has its own website, which is under construction, but watch this space for more info. You can also follow the cafe on Instagram, to see what we cook up next!

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