Summer Volunteer Partay!

Earlier this month Abbey hosted a summer get together to celebrate and thank all of the wonderful volunteers who dedicate their time and talents to help maintain and develop the centre.


As guests arrived in the lobby everyone mingled over a cup of Pimms, wine or soft drink and warmed up their taste buds with the wide selection of delicious savoury nibbles. The atmosphere quickly became vibrant and buzzing as the centre filled with a diverse range of volunteers. People caught up with their friends and were introduced to some new faces whom they’d never had the pleasure of meeting prior to the evening. We had volunteers from the Kilburn Good Neighbours scheme, Tech Buddies, Abbey’s Community Café and many other projects across the centreThe party was a brilliant opportunity for everyone to network and get in touch with the centre’s goings-on as each individual had a unique perspective on their experiences and life at Abbey.

An hour or so after everyone arrived the raffle began! Every volunteer attentively listened as they waited for the winning numbers to be announced. Many were delighted to hear their number called out and were able to choose from a scrumptious selection of boxed edible goodies and bottles of wine to take home at the end of the night.

We indulged in a second round of treats, this time yummy desserts and sweets, many of which were made in Abbey’s recent cooking and baking classes.

As the evening drew to a close we were all in for a fabulous surprise! Abbey’s Community Choir serenaded us with some classic pop songs, all acapella. This was by far the highlight of the evening, a heart-warming moment that touched all of us – to see the essence of community reflected in familiar lyrics we all knew and loved.



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