Dig it! Plant it! Hunt it!

Particularly a hit with the kids, Dig It! is a gardening, craft and conservation project that takes place on the first two Saturdays of each month. Funded by Olswang’s Green Seed, we are so grateful for their financial support as without them Dig It! would not be possible. We’ve been able to bring this all-ages summer programme into fruition since early May and we’ll be sticking around (or digging around!) until late September.


Our July sessions have been particularly creative! The first was miniature-garden making, where attendees assembled a variety of compost and pebbles inside plastic, foil and wooden trays. They then decorated their garden trays with scarecrows and painted pebbles from previous weeks’ sessions. The task provided sensory stimulation and directly connected participants to the Earth’s soils, something we typically all take for granted. They also experienced a state of ownership over their outdoor creations, inspiring and preparing children to manage their own gardens in adulthood and reminding adults of the fun and less obligatory aspects of gardening.

In last Saturday’s creepy-crawly themed class, members learnt how to make caterpillars out of recycled egg boxes and went bug hunting! Some of these young’uns are a lot braver than me… I’ll pass on the latter thanks or watch from afar! :O

35445143520_37e53c01dd_o (1)

Whether you’re a flower lover, insect investigator, nature fiend or simply want to make the most of the outdoors this summer, sign up for next month’s sessions!

5th August, 10-11am and 12th August, 11.10am-12.10pm. Free and for all ages. Contact Simone on 02076248378 for further information and to book.

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