Can’t wate to go back! Afternoon tea at Wates

Last week the Recycle-art group, along with some of our gardening volunteers, were invited by the Wates team to visit their offices. As you may know, the group make beautiful and useful things out of recycled materials and objects, and recently turned spare Wates helmets into these colourful flower baskets. Wates are displaying the finished baskets in their garden, and they look fantastic!

Wates prepared an amazing afternoon tea for us with freshly made sandwiches and cakes, put together by one of their staff members, Denise.


They presented an interesting and very informative slide show about the construction development currently happening across the road from Abbey, and gave the group a chance to ask questions.

Everyone then ventured outside to continue chatting, admire the baskets and take some pics. The Recycle-art and gardening groups were overwhelmed with the welcome and were very proud of their displayed artwork.


The next plan for the group is to run a community art competition where centre users and locals create some pictures/collages with the theme of ‘community’. The winning images will then be displayed on the site of the new development to signpost to Abbey Community Centre – exciting! Thank you Wates for having us – we had a wonderful time.


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