A win on home turf! Camden Boccia League tournament

On Monday we hosted the Camden Boccia League, competing with groups from Castlehaven, Somers Town Community Centre, Origin Housing and St Pancras Community Association. There was everything to play for…


In case you don’t already know, the aim of Boccia is simple – get the blue / red bowls as close to the white target ball as possible. Whichever team (red or blue) gets closest overall wins the point! So here we had a very close one, Andy had to judge carefully…


A video of us in action is here. Of course we had to have a break after an hour for refreshments – Boccia is serious business! Laura put on a fabulous spread.


But not before we’d had the obligatory group photo. The teams were only too happy to strike a pose.


The Abbey team were delighted in win the tournament in the end – here they are revelling in victory!


Seems like the perfect time to join the winning side, no? Our boccia practice takes place 12.15 – 1.15pm every Friday with pro instructor Andy. Free to attend – and why not drop into our coffee morning in the Garden Room beforehand too?

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