Ping-pong merrily on high!!

Please excuse the terrible pun – it’s just a way of telling you how wonderful Abbey’s Christmas Table Tennis Tournament was on Monday.

Table tennis xmas tournament

We had 15 players turn up, with a family of four joining us at the end of the tournament. The participants bravely defeated the cold evening weather (3 degrees) and played table tennis with plenty of energy. Game on! We had mince pies, snacks and refreshments to recharge the batteries and keep them going.

The referees were Jamal Ali, Dennis Ajufo and Hassan. The winners were:

Level 1 Single (children and adults): Barbara Wilson
Level 2 Single (children and adults): David Lyu
Level 3 Single (adults): Jamal Ali
Doubles: Sue Lyu and Pouya Kazemian

 All winners received prizes of bats, pingpong balls and chocolates. Congratulations to them!

A big thanks to our brilliant volunteer coach Hassan and for the support from the referees. Table tennis sessions will restart on Monday 8th January 2018 from 6pm until 8pm. Ping-pong really seems to be a sport which brings the community together – we’re so glad we got our tables from Loop in the Community.

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