CTC (Community Time Camden)

So what is Community Time Camden?

Not so long along everyone knew their neighbours and which of them would do us a small favour if we asked them for one – and our neighbours knew if we would be happy to do them a favour in return.

Life has changed and our friends and family do not always live nearby and it is not always easy to ask neighbours for help these days, particularly if we do not know if we can ever help them in return.

What’s more, everyone has skills to offer that other people might appreciate being able to receive occasionally – whether practical, or personal like being a good conversationalist.

With this in mind, Kilburn Neighbours and the Abbey Community Centre created a time and skills ‘Exchange’ for people over 50 called Community TIME Camden.

How we work

gentle dance 5

Participants of CTC are able to ‘dip in’ to the project, receiving help at times of need and providing help to others when they can. Every hour of help provided or received will be of equal value and participants will be able to ‘store’ hours to ‘spend’ at a later date or straight away, depending on their needs.  You don’t even need to be ‘in credit’ to spend!

The more participants, the larger our pool of skills and experience and the more that people will be able to share.  We believe that everyone has something to offer and it is one of our Project Coordinator’s most important jobs to spend time talking with interested parties and finding out what skills, experience and knowledge they have.

Being part of CTC enables older people in our community to keep active, retain and expand their skills, make use of their life experience, receive help when they need it and really feel an active part of their local community.  There is nothing to lose by joining up and everything to gain.

Contact us for a chat and we can take it from there! Call Laura on 07447 932 564 or email ctc@abbeycc-kilburn.org.uk.

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