You said, we did…

CTC only works because of its active, interested and sociable participants.  We take many opportunities to get feedback from our participants both during and after groups, activities and events and throughout the course of the year.  We analyse feedback regularly and develop and shape the project accordingly.  Here are a few examples of feedback from members and how this had led to new project developments and activities:

Recently via a survey a number of members expressed an interest in learning more about Herbalism.  A new Herbalism course is starting in November, run in partnership with the Mary Ward Centre.

Members at coffee morning said they would love some more coach trips out of London.  One of our members is now organising a series of coach trips.  So far they have visited Rye and Hastings and are preparing for a trip to Southend.

Keen gardeners wanted to extend the area for gardening and to include some raised beds for people with mobility issues.  A group of participants got together, sourced some second hand wood and some soil/compost and constructed, filled and finished three planters which are now full of beautiful flowers.

Participants who used to attend Bingo sessions many years ago here at the Community Centre missed this sociable session and asked if a new Bingo session could be set up.  Now a friendly and fun sociable bingo group meet every Tuesday.

Keep up the feedback – we are always keen to hear your views and to act on them!

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